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I am writing these lines with full of joy and happiness. The fact behind this feeling is still unknown for me, nevertheless, it feels good to go on – I guess.

Definitely every one of us has passed through different ups and downs and these complications of something called life. One of the simplest and hardest things at the same time is the fact stating:” If you believe that you can do it, then you can really do it”. Well, there is a problem here, what if I don’t want to do something just because sometimes I feel lazy? What shall someone do in this case?

Your stomach for example makes weird sounds – an indication that you’re dying from hunger :), you look inside the fridge and different sorts of food are there, and you’re really hungry but also a little bit sleepy. Now I don’t know about other people, but I definitely go for a nap over staying and cooking something. ” I believe I can cook – and I really can :D” and all the conditions are fulfilled, however, I go to sleep.

Another instant, there is an assignment shall be submitted within a deadline, and you have plenty of time to finish it, but you suddenly find yourself submitting it late. Why? you were lazy :). This feeling “Lazy” is great! Like me now writing these words while stretching on the couch 🙂 ). Oh man! what if the juice runs out suddenly? Oops! I gotta go bring more now, see ya next post Insh’Allah.


Palestinian culture: The THOB


Nowadays what Palestinian women wear is determined by their religious believes, though it wasn’t always like this.Women in Palestine used to wear a Thob; a full length flare dress, that is loosely-fitted to allow a lot of movement.

Until the 1940s, traditional Palestinian costumes reflected a woman’s economic status, whether married or single, and the town or district of origin as well. A knowledgeable observer could collect such information from the fabric, colors, cut, and embroidery motives in a given woman’s apparel.

Approximately 100 years ago, Palestinian women from Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Jaffa, El Khalil (Hebron), Ramallah, Majdal and Gaza as well as the nomadic Bedouin of the southern desert region developed their own embroidery designs borrowing from architectural motifs, local plants, and spiritual symbols. The style of embroidered panels, types of fabrics, set them apart from one another to such a degree that their region of origin could be identified from a distance.

Thob from Bethlehem

Thob from Hebron

Thob from Ramallah

Embroidery was used on everyday dresses as well as wedding and special occasions dresses. Women were as distinctive working in the fields as they were visiting their husband’s family. These dresses were part of their identity. Work done by their own hands demonstrated their skill and imagination

Headdresses indicated whether women were married or unmarried. An unmarried woman would have very few coins, if any, on her headdress, whereas a married woman would display and carry her wealth on her head.

War in the Middle East has destroyed the unity of many cultures, especially the Palestinians. Palestinian women refugees have formed embroidery cooperatives in other countries as a mean of supporting themselves and their families. Using traditional patterns, these modern embroiderers produce contemporary items carrying ancient symbols of identity and pride to Palestinians expats.

Autumn colors


   Autumn here in Romania is always impressive due to its amazing colors. To see how nature follows its normal course, how all the trees give up their beautiful leaves that once settled on the ground form a carpet that seems to come from a tale makes one start to dream and become melancholic.Everything seems to be numbed and ready to begin hibernating.

  The tones of red, yellow and brown seem to merge perfectly with the dramatic gray of the clouds and the cold wind that is leaving the impression of wanting to destroy that perfect picture.

  But is better if I show you what I am talking about.



Can you give up your mobile phone for one day?


Twenty years back, no one could have imagined that, one day in the future, it will be possible to communicate with whomever you want on this earth with only one click! That’s right, now it requires just to press the calling button and you will be connected within few seconds. Adapting to technology is not the problem for anyone anymore, starting from a two years old kid, and ending with an old man. Again, this is not the problem, the real problem is adapting to live without these tools anymore!

Mobile , iPad, laptop, digital cam, bluetooth and wireless devices, etc …. Well, despite the fact that I am not a heavy user of these hi-tech stuff , but – with all the grief – I have  been infected with the addiction to this new age disease.  If – for example – I forget my mobile phone, then I feel lost and some part of my body is missing, as I never lived without it before! It is too much and unbearable at all.

When your mobile runs out accidentally of battery, you feel that your day and mood are  turned upside down (by the way, this problem can be resolved by having extra fully charged battery with you for instance). Anyway, how come have we become so much attached to those full of electromagnetic – or whatever – signals, metal-plastic devices? Maybe it is the new lifestyle.

Is it really hard for someone to give up his mobile phone for one day? I think yes. What really annoys me recently is when I see someone holding two or three cell phones in his hand! I do not deny the fact that there are some people who really need this, but most of them have just provoking answers when it comes to ask: ” Why do you carry more than one cell phone with you? ” You hear different responses such as: ” For fun! To be cool! Fashion! ” Whatever dude!

 I really hope that it will come again the day in which I shall not care about carrying this thing with me, especially when I seek few minutes to relax in the toilet!

Childhood memories …


Who does not remember his childhood and all the cherished memories related to it? Despite the hard times included, we still wanna go back there and never grow up again. I have imagined myself over and over waking up one morning, finding myself a kid again, not having a single piece of  responsibility or any worries regarding this messed up life.

I was wrong! We all had been wrong at some moment. Since we were kids, the first obsession was when are we gonna grow up? when are we gonna finish school then enter University and have a degree to get employed? Or simply for others getting a job without going through that complicated process. Well, I am sorry! I didn’t realize how hard and unwanted desire I craved for.

Nostalgic! That is what I feel lately. I miss those days when we used to have less, but pleased more. A very few days ago, we were on vacation in Jordan – and for those who do not know, Jordan lies in the middle east region East to Palestine; West to Iraq; North to Saudi Arabia and South to Syria – and the school there already has just started, what a warm feeling I felt when I saw students filling the streets after their day at school had finished! I wished from the bottom of my heart to return back to those days where absolutely nothing was keeping our minds busy.

Do you remember when we used to feel the value of time in the past?  After school is over, we immediately run to play in the neighborhood, those games such as hide and seek, police and thieves, and a lot more. Computer was a non-existing word in our dictionaries at that time. Food and drinks had had a genuine taste back then; water had had different colorless color and tasteless taste!  At night we all used to gather and start narrating horror stories and everyone starts shivering without being able to go back home alone until someone escorts him :).

I can not talk about this anymore since I really started to shed some tears, the only consolation for me is that I consider myself a happy person who really lived and enjoyed his childhood. So, are you happy at this moment? I guess so :D.

The nothing Box!


There is no doubt that women and men are alike in many things – let’s talk this time about similarities not differences as a change . They are both human beings, they love, hate, like, dislike, think, walk, talk, etc … and their bodies contain almost similar vital organs that efficiently do their functions. However, as the ever-lasting “woman-man” confront continues in every scope of life, it still include undiscovered parts and faces. Let’s take a look at their brains for instance.

Quoting “Tale of Two Brains by Mark Gungor”: “Men’s brains are made of little boxes and we have a box for everything… Women’s brains are made of a big ball of wires and everything is connected to everything”. What really drew my attention was the fact of “The Nothing Box” which somehow explained – I hope – one of the most important things to women; that is the word “Nothing” and the related status to it. I have an example, when I watch TV I reach to a stage when I continuously start changing the channels without stopping. In fact, at that moment I don’t search a channel, I am simply “doing nothing” in my “Nothing Box”.

However, I still believe that women have that sort of “The nothing box” in their brains – this is only my own belief :D, and if the description would help me I call it “The Black Hole – a kind of star in the Universe”! May be it is different in the name or the shape, but it definitely does the same work and it must be found “somewhere” there in their brains.

P.S: For those women who have not discovered their “Nothing Box” yet, start searching for it. Once you find it, enjoy relaxation there for a while.