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Turkish fashion at its best – Part 1


Hey ladies,

As a continuation of my previous post ( check it out here ) I wanted to share with you more ideas how to look fabulous, modest and modern in the same time. As I wrote in other occasions, my opinion is that Turkish fashion for women has developed so much that helps women keep being delicate, feminine and modern, that’s why I love this style sooo much. I hope it will be helpful and you will enjoy the outfits.

Don’t feel shy to tell me your opinion….Enjoy!

Until next time XoXo.


Modern fashion for hijabis- Inspirational photos


Hey girls,

Nowadays we have so many ways to look modest and fashionable in the same time.Today I wanna show you some inspirational photos to give you some ideas how to mix and match in order to look gorgeous.

Enjoy and tell me your opinion about them.


Moroccan caftan


The caftan, or kaftan, is the traditional dress of Moroccan women. In the era of the Sultans, the caftan was worn by both men and women.When the caftan came to Morocco from Turkey, it became primarily an article of women’s clothing.

                                                      Old Turkish Caftan

Caftan is  loose-fitting, but is usually more elaborate than other Moroccan traditional garments like the jalabia, because it is worn more often for special occasions.It is a long dress in the style of a robe. Caftans are made of either cotton or silk. They are ankle-length and can be fastened up the front with buttons. A sash around the waist completes the outfit. Some caftans are designed with elaborate colors and patterns, and other styles are much simpler.

The traditional wedding dress in Morocco is caftan,although some women prefer Western wedding dresses to be more modern.Caftans designed for weddings can be very elaborate, with brightly embroidered floral patterns in a variety of colors, including green, red, dark brown and white. The sleeves are full and very wide.

Can you give up your mobile phone for one day?


Twenty years back, no one could have imagined that, one day in the future, it will be possible to communicate with whomever you want on this earth with only one click! That’s right, now it requires just to press the calling button and you will be connected within few seconds. Adapting to technology is not the problem for anyone anymore, starting from a two years old kid, and ending with an old man. Again, this is not the problem, the real problem is adapting to live without these tools anymore!

Mobile , iPad, laptop, digital cam, bluetooth and wireless devices, etc …. Well, despite the fact that I am not a heavy user of these hi-tech stuff , but – with all the grief – I have  been infected with the addiction to this new age disease.  If – for example – I forget my mobile phone, then I feel lost and some part of my body is missing, as I never lived without it before! It is too much and unbearable at all.

When your mobile runs out accidentally of battery, you feel that your day and mood are  turned upside down (by the way, this problem can be resolved by having extra fully charged battery with you for instance). Anyway, how come have we become so much attached to those full of electromagnetic – or whatever – signals, metal-plastic devices? Maybe it is the new lifestyle.

Is it really hard for someone to give up his mobile phone for one day? I think yes. What really annoys me recently is when I see someone holding two or three cell phones in his hand! I do not deny the fact that there are some people who really need this, but most of them have just provoking answers when it comes to ask: ” Why do you carry more than one cell phone with you? ” You hear different responses such as: ” For fun! To be cool! Fashion! ” Whatever dude!

 I really hope that it will come again the day in which I shall not care about carrying this thing with me, especially when I seek few minutes to relax in the toilet!

Jilbab fashion


Because recently my husband and I were in Jordan, where I could see a great variety of jilbab models and colours I thought it will make a good topic to write about. Before few years when I started covering one could find jilbab only in dark colour or white,grey, cream with very old and ugly models so back than I totally rejected the idea to wear any time soon a jilbab. Fortunately for me and other young women that like to cover and still look nice nowadays there are plenty of models and colours that can fit any woman’s age or requirement.

I think is better to show you some of this models.

Muslim bridal dresses


         Every woman dreams since she is a little girl about her wedding day when she will become a princess in her perfect bride dress and for one day she will feel that all the Universe is hers. Everything must be perfect for her since she will be the central point of attention for one day. Her happiness, shining face and great smile should be completed with a great make-up, 2 pair of shoes – one with high heals and the other very comfortable-, nice jewelry, spectacular bouquet and of course the dress of her dreams. But when you are a Muslim you will need one more thing for the party; which is the perfect Hijab that will match your dress, of course wrapped in a very special and unique style – simple or with accessories.

      Personally I think that the brides who choose to cover more than usual brides in their special day will become not only princesses, but they will be real queens in the most important day of their life (look at true royalty weddings where brides wear decent and great wedding dresses) and everyone will remember them and their wedding because they chose to be different from the others. Nowadays the industry of fashion for Muslim has evolved impressively and offers women who want to be special brides many models to choose from. I suggest to watch together this video.