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Dubai Marina


Dubai Marina is an artificial canal city, carved along a two mile (3 km) stretch of Arabian Gulf shoreline. In order to create the man-made marina, the developers brought the waters of the Arabian Gulf into the site of Dubai marina, creating a new waterfront. Another key factor in the design of Dubai Marina is a large central waterway, excavated from the desert and running the length of the 3 km site. More than 12% of the total land area on the site has been given over to this central public space. Although most of this area is occupied by the marina water surface, it also includes almost 8 km of landscaped public walkways.


Lost in the desert !


“O.o am I lost again? Was this street here before?” Well, those are few of my common expressions and questions when I am driving 🙂 .

Whenever we wanna go out to any place – either inside or outside Dubai, my wife immediately tells me ” Aha, it is time to get lost!” Actually, most of the times we end up in a totally different place leading us to discover new routs and places – even sightseeing :). So as a precaution, I always make sure to have a full-fuel tank whenever I intend to leave out and carry a map with me.

Examples of getting lost:

– Once we were going to “Alfujeira” – a city located almost 200 km away from Dubai – but we ended up at 30 km away from another city “Ras Alkhaima” .

– Another time I kept searching almost one week for the exit towards an area called “International city” and finally when I got there I found out – by mistake – it was only 2 km away from me!!! (like doh!)

– I remember this incident very well, after I finished a visit to a friend in the capital “Abu Dhabi” – almost 200 km away from Dubai – I ended up “really” lost in the desert area around 12:00 A.M in the middle of the night alone in a foggy weather and a mobile run out of charging. That night I was really scared!

Nowadays, even though I still get lost – but not as before I think 🙂 –  I find my way easily since the human GPS is sitting next to me – my wife 😀 – and after that I say: ” Hmm, I think I know this area …. but where from …..? ” I bet you all know the answer now. Exactly, ” I must have been lost here before!”