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Dubai Marina


Dubai Marina is an artificial canal city, carved along a two mile (3 km) stretch of Arabian Gulf shoreline. In order to create the man-made marina, the developers brought the waters of the Arabian Gulf into the site of Dubai marina, creating a new waterfront. Another key factor in the design of Dubai Marina is a large central waterway, excavated from the desert and running the length of the 3 km site. More than 12% of the total land area on the site has been given over to this central public space. Although most of this area is occupied by the marina water surface, it also includes almost 8 km of landscaped public walkways.


Al Ain Paradise


           In continuation of our discovering journey to UAE’s sightseeing and attractions, the other day we decided to go in a trip about 130 km from Dubai to relax a bit. As a location, this time we chose  Al Ain… , to be more specific, Al Ain Paradise. After almost 2 hours of going in circles and asking for directions how to get there we finally found it. Even before entering, we were amazed by its attractive beauty… . It really looked like a corner from heaven.

All those nice smelling and beautifully arranged flowers and their so many different patterns were stunning and left us with a forever lasting feeling of relaxation and great joy.

Al Ain Paradise at a glimpse:

– it received the Guinness World Record Certificate for displaying  2,968 floral arrangements, compose from approximately 10 million flowers;

– it is located in Zakhir district;

– Friday is only for family, entry is free and timing is from 9 am to 9 pm;

– probably it is the most important attraction in Al Ain, getting almost 1000 visitors daily.

And the most beautiful sky at sunset I’ve ever seen up to now…even better than the one in Abu Dhabi.

Henna/mehendi tattoos


Henna is a flowering plant used since antiquity to dye skin, hair, fingernails, leather and wool. The name is also used for dye preparations derived from the plant, and for the art of temporary tattooing based on those dyes.

Henna powder

For skin dyeing, a paste of ground henna (either prepared from a dried powder or from fresh ground leaves) is placed in contact with the skin from a few hours to overnight. Henna stains can last a few days to a month depending on the quality of the paste, individual skin type, and how long the paste is allowed to stay on the skin.

Henna kit

The Night of the Henna was celebrated by most groups in the areas where henna grew naturally: Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Christians and Zoroastrians, among others, all celebrated marriages by adorning the bride, and often the groom, with henna. It was also used for celebrations as birthdays, circumcision or religious one such as: Eid, Diwali or others. When there was joy, there was henna.

Henna was regarded as having “Barakah”  blessings, and was applied for luck as well as joy and beauty. Brides typically had the most henna, and the most complex patterns, to support their greatest joy, and wishes for luck. The fashion of  “Bridal Mehendi-Henna tattooing”  in Pakistan, Northern Libya and in North Indian Diasporas is currently growing in complexity and elaboration, with new innovations in glitter, gilding, and fine-line work.

Bridal henna designs

Henna patterns

Dubai Festival Centre fireworks- photos


So here I write from 2012…..

Let me tell you shortly what we did in the last hours of 2011. Unlike most of Dubai inhabitants,and after thinking carefully at our options we decided to spend the last moments of the year at Dubai Festival Centre, instead of Burj Khalifah or Sheikh Zayed Road ( to see Burj Khalifah fireworks but avoid the infernal crowd).

At Festival Centre the show started at 9 pm with live music and continued until a little after 12 am. The sky was on fire from the firework show for 10 great minutes for the delight of the crowd gathered there and moreover as a “bonus” we could also enjoy seeing the show of Burj Khalifah.

After the fireworks and musical show was over many headed home; some to continue the party, while others to  probably sleep, but very few remained to enjoy a coffee or some tea at the cafes near by and talk about their plans for the new year.

This being said I will leave you with some photos of the firework show.

Burj Khalifah on “fire”

Hope you liked it.

Until next time take care!

Dubai Creek Park


   In winter parks in UAE are highly appreciated and seen as an excellent way to relax in weekends since everyone is looking to get out and spend a day outdoors enjoying the fresh air,the reviving smell of grass, a barbecue and spending valuable time with their family members after a stressful week at work.

   Although Dubai has numerous parks a huge number of people prefer to spend their day outdoor at Dubai Creek Park, due to the fact that it is creating a splendid harmony between the blue water of the creek,the blue sky of Dubai and the green nature across it.Golf course,picnic areas, barbecue pits and games for kids along with other facilities for both adults and children are available here.

  But what we love the most at this park is the fact that we can spend such a lovely day outside,interacting with others while a great meal is prepared….and the sunset over the creek, oh! the sunset offers such great relaxing view and opportunity for photography lovers.

    If I made you curious enough and you want to visit it you need to know that is open  from 8 am to 11 pm from Sunday to Wednesday and until 11.30 pm in weekends (Thursday-Saturday); also the entry ticket costs 5 dirham/person.

Dubai dancing fountain


   From all seven emirates that form United Arab Emirates, Dubai is in my opinion the only one that offers its inhabitants endless number of choices when you talk about relaxing  or places where to spend and enjoy your free time.

  But from all Dubai’s attractions, the most breathtaking of all, that attracts thousands of people to see it, is Dubai’s dancing fountain that is located in front of three  most exquisite locations in the world: Burj Khalifah, Souq al Bahar and Dubai Mall.

  The Dubai Fountain comes alive each evening, offering a sound and light show accompanying an elaborate watery performance. You will be given the chance to enjoy the most unique experience as you watch the Dubai fountain dance to stirring musical pieces from powerful Italian classics and renowned Arabic compositions to Bollywood favourites and beautiful African rhythms.

    It’s absolutely free to watch, and most visitors do so by the sides of the lake, with the Burj Khalifa looming impressively in the background.

Traficul rutier din Emirate



  Din toate timpurile oamenii au prezentat fobii pentru anumite lucruri, fie ca este vorba de temerile clasice precum claustrofobia (frica de spatii inchise), arahnofobia ( teama de paianjeni) sau de frici bizare care pot consuma toata energia umana, ducand individul in pragul disperarii precum neofobia (frica de noutate).

   Si cum din nou nu puteam fi eu cea care face exceptie de la regula generala, in ultimul an am dezvoltat o fobie cat se poate de ciudata si care ma tine cu sufletul la gura de cate ori ies din casa….si anume frica de traficul rutier. Avand in vedere ca in ultimele luni ale anului trecut am avut parte de  3 accidente rutiere, primele din toata viata mea si sper ca si ultimele am inceput sa dardai numai la ideea ca trebuie sa iesim cu masina din parcare.

  Din pacate pentru mine cum deplasarea fara masina in Dubai imi este aproape imposibila  si sunt absolut dependenta de sot sau de taxi, inainte sa ies pe usa casei incep sa-mi spun rugaciunile in speranta ca nu voi avea parte de vreun incident neplacut. Regulile de circulatie fiind aproape inexistente si circulandu-se la fel ca pe o strada din India sau Egipt este o adevarata aventura sa fii sofer in Emirate. Indienii in general sunt cei care fac traficul insuportabil, oamenii astia n-au auzit si ei de semnalizare cand depasesc, de viteza minima/maxima,nu tu reguli, nu tu atentie sau respect in trafic conduc masinile precum conduc elefantii. Dar cosmarul meu cel mai mare il reprezinta soferii de taxi, care exact sunt in majoritate tot indieni si pe care ii doare practic la palarie ca ar putea provoca vreun accident sau ca incurca teribil circulatia, uneori provocand adevarte ambuteiaje pentru ca raman sa se holbeze la vreun amic de aceasi etnie care a avut si cea mai mica defectiune a masinii.

  Ma dispera numai gandul de circulatie bara la bara sau ca din senin de pe o strada libera ar putea sa iti apara de nicaieri un nebun gonind cu o viteza naucitoare precum si ideea ca vreun maniac decide sa treaca pe banda ta fara a semnaliza in timp ce tu ai cel putin 80 km/h.

  Si eu care ziceam ca traficul din Romania este disperant…ei bine am ajuns sa visez la strazile noastre pline de gropi dar cu muuulte reguli de circulatie.