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My baby’s shower party!



I don’t even know how to start this post, but I guess that I should by saying a huge “THANK YOU” for all my friends, that are as happy and anxious as we are to see our little baby : BUBU– until now…yes yes we know we should decide for a name soon coz there is so little time left but….my husband and I and all the “team” (to be read all our friends, family etc) can’t agree on one name.

Anyway Bubu‘s aunties and uncles planned in a very big secret his first party ever…..the baby’s shower party….For me it was a huge surprise ….guys you always succeed in surprising me, but your time will come sooner or later :))….and very emotional moment…oh yeah! I started crying. All my close friends were there and worked in organising the event along of course with my mom that kept the secret with the “price of her life”.REBECCA was the one responsible in “kidnapping” me and driving me safely to the party…..coz she made me cover my eyes so that I won’t have any clue until I get there. Unfortunately for all Bubu‘s aunties and his first admirers, little Bubu slept and didn’t kick until I reached home to sleep….huge dissapointment for the girls.

Everything was so sweet organised with handmade decorations made by my friends, they wrote messages on little clothes, even the oranges were perfectly shaped (thanks ROX) …..  a little BUBU doll was waiting on the chair for his mommy to practice changing diapers :)). DAN and ADE were responsible for making me cry with the sweetest baby song ever – “Hush little baby“. Mommy and little Bubu received also presents to remember forever this unique moment. Unfortunately aunty OLY couldn’t come, but uncle TAVI came along with her message for her favorite  Bubu.

In the end we finished with drinking “Robby Bubble“- champagne for kids-, breaking a huge “piñata” made by them also and eating candies and lollipops. To resume everything in some words it was such a great surprise for me, another moment that I will surely remember through the years and tell Bubu about it.

 Huge THANK YOU to all of you guys : REBECCA, ROX, DAN, ADE, ELENA, ANDREI, TAVI, OLY, AMINE, CRISTI, MADALINA, USTA, ROXANEL, DIANA, DANA……your time will come one day.



       Special thanks to cute aunty OLY – pisi honey- and uncle TAVI with his coded game language.

Negrutza ….DAN‘s old cat…so many memories together now Bubu will know it also.


Mommy’s and Bubu‘s gifts

The piñata full with candies……still in one piece.


Autumn colors


   Autumn here in Romania is always impressive due to its amazing colors. To see how nature follows its normal course, how all the trees give up their beautiful leaves that once settled on the ground form a carpet that seems to come from a tale makes one start to dream and become melancholic.Everything seems to be numbed and ready to begin hibernating.

  The tones of red, yellow and brown seem to merge perfectly with the dramatic gray of the clouds and the cold wind that is leaving the impression of wanting to destroy that perfect picture.

  But is better if I show you what I am talking about.



Vine iarna…bine-mi pare!



   Iarna anotimpul fericit al copilariei mele…..numai in acest fel pot descrie cat de mult iubesc sezonul alb, in care racoarea diminetilor te dezmeticeste si totodata te face sa fii mai aproape de cei dragi.

   Frigul sau de multe ori gerul zilelor si noptilor de iarna ma fac sa rememorez in fiecare an copilaria atat de dulce, si sa ma simt de fiecare data mai aproape de familie. Omatul asternut peste pamantul obosit  ma face sa ma simt de fiecare data si la orice varsta copilul de odinioara care striga “Partieeeee!” atunci cand ieseam la sanius si mereu ma tenteaza la o bulgareala zdravana.Desi mai demult dupa ce ajungeam acasa uda pana la piele de la atata joaca cu zapada nu cautam decat soba fierbinte, o mancare calda si apoi un somn atat de odihnitor, cu trecerea timpului am invatat sa ma bucur la fel de mult atunci cand dupa zdravana bulgareala pot savura o cana de ceai fierbinte sau ciocolata calda alaturi de cei dragi toate fiind insotite bineinteles de o taina prelungita.

   Iarna reprezinta, inca de cand eram mic copil, perioada in care toti oamenii mi se pare ca devin mai buni, mai linistiti  si relaxati, mai apropiati de familiile lor si totodata anaotimpul veseliei si bunei dispozitii.

   Probabil ca multi prefera vara cu al ei soare arzator, dar eu voi fi mereu omul iernii oricat de aspra ar fi ea,deoarece imi aduce inapoi in fiecare an pentru un timp scurt mult ravnita copilarie apusa deja.

  Va doresc tuturor o iarna cat mai placuta alaturi de cei dragi si lipsita de incidente mai putin agreabile.

My grandma’s nightmare!


Once upon a time, my dad went to study in Romania. He returned to Jordan after 6 years with 3 major achievements; got a degree , got married – with my mom of course – and became a dad – my eldest brother was born. My grandma used to have a dream, which is to find the “best bride” for my dad – her eldest son – and let him get married with her blessings. Seeing dad married with another woman other than the one she wanted could have passed peacefully, but being Romanian – my mom – and carrying her child in her hands in front of grandma’s eyes was too much. So her dream flew away just in a blink of an eye. Not only this, a nightmare had just started since then. Few years later and once upon a time, my uncle went to study in Romania. He returned to Jordan etc …, and yes grandma became a mother-in-law for 2 Romanians not only one ( now this is too much!). Many years later (not too many 🙂 ) and once upon a time, I went to Romania, I got married with – yeah correct! – a Romanian. Come on man! 2 are enough, aren’t they??? poor grandma! One year later and once upon a time (please don’t tell me a new Romanian joined the family!!!), sad but true, my brother went to Romania and got married with a Romanian! So I can imagine how happy is my grandma now. This is not her nightmare, actually, it will be soon when she realizes that there are another 3 wives for my 3 single brothers who will join the family sooner or later. So, are there any interested Romanian girlzzzzz?!

X years later and once upon a time, …………. To be continued.

P.S: My grandma has nothing with Romanian women or other nationalities, but only with the ones in my family!

What would be the world without Romania?


Many romanians from my generation would reply : “A better place”….Even though nowadays I have to say they are right , I still think that Romania is a country full of wonders only the rulers destroy it.

If you are a Romanian that has only critical words Romania,or if you never heard about this country before  here are some things that Romanians offered to the world by time.

About Romanian people


If we refer to Romanians many will be surprised to notice that they are a mix between very contradictory elements.Romanians have a great  part of their genetic material borrowed from Turkish people.Some reserchers even say that they are a nation born in social movements and ethnic crossroads of the world.From the mixture of several civilizations , Romanians became a western breed with oriental habits.

As the oriental and latin people , Romanians like to be warm and hospitable with others as much as they like to celebrate with every occasion they have.Their customs depend from the area they come from and that is why you would never get bored if you get to visit Romania.

For example  traditional dances from the North area are totally different from the ones that originate in the South. Also customs regarding weddings, religious celebrations and death rituals are different from area to area.

The only problem with Romanians nowadays is that they don’t do anything for their future as a nation just stay and talk about what is wrong .

Traditional dance from South area

Traditional dance from North area

Traditional dance from West area

Numai lucruri prost facute


Desi dupa revolutia din decembrie 1989 oamenilor li se promitea marea cu sarea,acum dupa 21 de ani ne plangem cu totii ca tot ce s-a schimbat a fost numai in defavoarea tarii si a oamenilor.Am ajuns de la o tara prospera cu datorie externa 0 la datorii de 90 de miliarde de euro,adica in conditiile actuale in care Romania nu produce doar face datorii ,guvernantii nostri nu fac altceva decat sa amaneteze viitorul copiilor nostri.Mai mult decat atat se investeste foarte mult in infrastructura si imobiliare,din punctul meu de vedere nu se investeste nimic avand in vedere ca toate cladirile facute dupa 1990 incoace sunt facute prost si probabil vor cadea la primul cutremur mai serios,cand Romania este un stat agrar ,credeti ca de fraieri vin toti strainii si cumpara mii de hectare in Romania?

Ce s-a intamplat cu resursele de gaz,petrol si aur ale Romaniei?Ei bine tot strainilor au fost vandute.De ce nu se dezvolta turismul in Romania?De ce nu suntem capabili sa atragem turisti la fel ca Bulgaria de exemplu,desi avem numeroase comori naturale si mai ales de ce intr-o tara atat de saraca precum Romania un concediu de 10 zile te poate lasa lefter?Raspunsul este simplu pentru ca guvernantii sunt incapabili,iar romanii au devenit mult prea hoti  sau obositi dupa atatia ani in care in loc sa valorificam resursele proprii am devenit datori vanduti pe 20 de generatii  si mai bine preferam sa fim sclavi prin straini decat stapani pe pamantul nostru.