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I am writing these lines with full of joy and happiness. The fact behind this feeling is still unknown for me, nevertheless, it feels good to go on – I guess.

Definitely every one of us has passed through different ups and downs and these complications of something called life. One of the simplest and hardest things at the same time is the fact stating:” If you believe that you can do it, then you can really do it”. Well, there is a problem here, what if I don’t want to do something just because sometimes I feel lazy? What shall someone do in this case?

Your stomach for example makes weird sounds – an indication that you’re dying from hunger :), you look inside the fridge and different sorts of food are there, and you’re really hungry but also a little bit sleepy. Now I don’t know about other people, but I definitely go for a nap over staying and cooking something. ” I believe I can cook – and I really can :D” and all the conditions are fulfilled, however, I go to sleep.

Another instant, there is an assignment shall be submitted within a deadline, and you have plenty of time to finish it, but you suddenly find yourself submitting it late. Why? you were lazy :). This feeling “Lazy” is great! Like me now writing these words while stretching on the couch 🙂 ). Oh man! what if the juice runs out suddenly? Oops! I gotta go bring more now, see ya next post Insh’Allah.


Quote of the day


“Always continue the climb. It is possible for you to do whatever you choose, if you first get to know who you are and are willing to work with a power that is greater than ourselves to do it.”

Ella Wheeler Wilcox



The days were counting down waiting that specific moment. The Gynecologist warned me that ” Without entering with your wife to the delivery room,  there is No delivery, No baby. You choose!” I was telling myself: ” What the heck! Are you kidding me?!” Then I found out she was so serious, so I started investigating and gathering all the necessary and unnecessary data about this weird thing – for men only – called delivery.

On that day at hospital, I was equipped with everything you can not imagine. When the labor started, I was sitting with my wife in her room trying to uselessly calm her down. It was Monday in the morning, the pain – and of course screaming and cursing me – started to increase. Eventually, We entered to the labor room and by noon we were sitting all the three of us – Mommy, Daddy and the little baby – together for the first time!

To be honest, it was unforgettable experience and full of sentiments, I even couldn’t stop myself from shedding tears just by looking at that small angel. And now, after five weeks, I finally found some time to express my feelings by concluding in two words; Thanks God!

Dubai Festival Centre fireworks- photos


So here I write from 2012…..

Let me tell you shortly what we did in the last hours of 2011. Unlike most of Dubai inhabitants,and after thinking carefully at our options we decided to spend the last moments of the year at Dubai Festival Centre, instead of Burj Khalifah or Sheikh Zayed Road ( to see Burj Khalifah fireworks but avoid the infernal crowd).

At Festival Centre the show started at 9 pm with live music and continued until a little after 12 am. The sky was on fire from the firework show for 10 great minutes for the delight of the crowd gathered there and moreover as a “bonus” we could also enjoy seeing the show of Burj Khalifah.

After the fireworks and musical show was over many headed home; some to continue the party, while others to  probably sleep, but very few remained to enjoy a coffee or some tea at the cafes near by and talk about their plans for the new year.

This being said I will leave you with some photos of the firework show.

Burj Khalifah on “fire”

Hope you liked it.

Until next time take care!

2011 favorites !!!


As the story of this chapter in our lives is coming to an end, as the backwards counting and the moment when we shall stand at the crossroads of the years is approaching, I thought that it will be a good idea to share with you what were my favorite  things this year; stuff that made 2011 a little bit sweeter for me, either if it was a movie, a product or a quote.

So here we go as it follows:

-most watched series: GREY’S ANATOMY

-most frequent meal: GRILLED SALMON with RICE and WHITE SAUCE

-favorite restaurant: IKEA and ARZ LEBANON

-favorite clothes and accessories store: MAX and FOREVER 21

-best place to go out: HERITAGE VILLAGE and CREEK PARK (photos here )


-most loved face products:

-ARGAN OIL  products

-BIOTEN products


-favorite make-up products:

-mascara and eyeliner:RIMMEL LONDON VOLUME FLASH MASCARA and WET N WILD brown eyeliner


-most used nail polishes

-best natural miracle: MARIGOLD cream

-most worn dress

-favorite brooch

-favorite ring

-favorite hijabs

-favorite aromatherapy scents: OCEAN, SPRING, WATERLILLY( CRIN), ALPIN

-most motivating quote:


What were your favorites that made 2011 better for you?


Goodbye 2011….Welcome 2012!



  Another year has passed so fast as a blink of an eye, taking with it events that marked our lives in one way or another, either good or bad it’s all just memories from now on. This past year was one of trial and changes, but as everything is left behind now we can just hope for a new year that will be better from any point of view. Many plans, a huge wish list is already made for 2012 but above all one wish is more strong than any other one: health for everyone .

    Don’t you think time goes by so fast that you can’t even realize when another year is gone?! Everything is so strange,  like in a dream it seems like yesterday was last New Year’s Eve and now 12 months later we are preparing again to count backwards the moments till a new chapter of life starts.

     My husband and I, wish you all a Happy New Year, that will be full of health, happiness, good experiences, changes and many accomplishments, but no matter what shall happen don’t ever forget….. EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON!

     Goodbye old 2011……Welcome new 2012!

     Happy New Year!