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Honey and cinnamon natural remedies



1. Heart diseases – Every day at breakfast eat some pieces of bread with honey and some cinnamon powder on top.Because this combination improves blood circulation and strengthens the heartbeat, people with cardiovascular problems are able to prevent any problems by using this combination.

  2. Arthritis Apply a paste of the two ingredients (one part honey in two parts warm water plus 1 teaspoon cinnamon powder) on the affected area and rub gently.

   3. Hair loss Mix warm olive oil with 1 tablespoon of  honey and 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder and apply it on the hair before  bath. Leave on for 10-15 minutes, then remove.

   4. Urinary tract infections –  To protect your bladder, mixed in a glass of warm water 1 teaspoon honey and 2 tablespoons of cinnamon powder, then drink.

   5. Toothache – Apply as often as need a paste made of honey (5 teaspoons) and cinnamon powder (1 teaspoon) on the affected tooth.

   6. Cholesterol – Add Cinnamon (3 teaspoons) and honey (2 tablespoons) in boiling water or green tea and then drink. Experts say that the “bad” cholesterol is reduced by up to 10% in a short period of only 2 hours after drinking. Furthermore, studies show that natural honey if consumed in small amounts regularly, we can get rid of cholesterol problems. But that does not mean you have to forget the diet you should follow it strictly.

   7.  Colds – Drink a cup of warm water, honey (1 tablespoon) and cinnamon (1 / 4 teaspoon) ; is good for cough and clear the sinuses.

   8. Indigestion – Take a tablespoon of honey sprinkled with cinnamon before eating to get rid of acid and speed up digestion.

  9. Longevity – Regularly consume tea with honey and cinnamon. Boil 3 cups of water plus 4 tablespoons honey and 1 tablespoon cinnamon.

 10. Acne – Apply a paste made of honey (3 teaspoons) and cinnamon (1 teaspoon) on pimples before bed. Remove with warm water the next day.

 11. Obesity – To lose weight, boil in water some honey (1 tablespoon) and cinnamon (1 / 2 teaspoon) and then drink this mixture every morning on an empty stomach, half an hour before breakfast.

 12. Bad breath – Gargle with honey and cinnamon mixed with hot water.

 13. Stomach problems – Honey with cinnamon and reduces the feeling of bloated stomach and pain intensity.

 14. Immune system – Because honey mixed with cinnamon contains vitamins and iron the immune system is defended from harmful action of free radicals.

 15. Cancer – Several recent studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of this combination in treating stomach and bone cancer. In addition to the Oncologist’s treatment is recommended to take 3 times per day one tablespoon of honey sprinkled with cinnamon.

16. Fatigue – To avoid feelings of fatigue and sleepiness that you feel during the day you can use this excellent remedy. Mix in a glass of water one tablespoon honey and sprinkle a little cinnamon powder, drink a cup in the morning and one in the afternoon.


Honey for migraines!



   Perhaps many of you have to fight with migraines, as well as my husband and I need to deal with this terrible disease. We always have been looking for a natural treatment for our problem but just recently we found one.

   A very good and respected doctor told us that as well as the Prophet (saws) used to treat this problem in his time, we should try also with honey and a little sleep. So the cure is as simple as it could be: whenever you feel that a migraine/headache starts to bother you just take a tablespoon of honey and if possible rest for a while, then you should feel as new.

  Hope it was useful and will help those of you that have the same disturbing problem as us.

Spice treatment for cancer



       Cancer is a leading cause in most western countries where, every year, hundreds of millions of dollars are allocated for research into new treatments. Eastern countries, where the incidence of most cancers is typically much lower, pour less money into such investigations and considerably more spices into their meals.

      Reducing our susceptibility to cancer is one of the most important measures we can take to increase our chances of good health and this is not as difficult as it might sound.  The following lines will show how- by increasing our intake of spices- we can fortify ourselves against this terrible disease.

     Cancer is caused by a range of factors, most of which follow directly from the aging process. As a result, the probability of getting cancer increases exponentially as we grow older. The wide-ranging biochemical and chromosomal changes associated with aging increase the risk of DNA damage. In addition to being less efficient at the repair and confinement of DNA damage, older bodies are less equipped to protect cells against the agents that trigger the damage to our genetic coding material. Nevertheless, people of all ages can develop cancer, and youth is not guaranteed to protect against all cancerous factors.

      Spices are valuable preventive weapons against cancer not only for their antioxidant properties,but also for the many phytochemicals contained in spices that assist the body to detoxify, excrete cancerous compounds and act against pre-cancerous cells at each stage in their progression towards tumors.

     Examples of the Anticancer Properties of Spices:

All spices– Antioxidant

Cumin, pepper– Enhance antioxidant enzymes

Cumin, garlic, ginger, pepper– Inhibit inflammation

Ginger, pepper– Inhibit pro-inflamatory cytokines

Garlic, ginger, soy, turmenic– COX-2 inhibition

Citrus, ginger, pepper– Attack tumors directly

Citrus, garlic, grapes, green tea, mustard– Induce apoptosis

Brassicas, citrus, green tea, soy– Modulate autocrine loops/cell cycles

Green tea, turmenic,soy– Inhibit autogenesis

Brassicas, caraway, cumin– Neutralise carcinogenic toxins

Grapes, green tea– Reduce activated protein

Green tea, turmenic– Inhibit telomerase

Turmenic– Inhibit JAK-STAT pathway

Soy, turmenic– Inhibit estrogen dependant tumors

Green tea, soy, turmenic– Enhance chemo- and radiotherapy.

     This study was made by DR. Keith Scott.