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Turkish fashion at its best – Part 1


Hey ladies,

As a continuation of my previous post ( check it out here ) I wanted to share with you more ideas how to look fabulous, modest and modern in the same time. As I wrote in other occasions, my opinion is that Turkish fashion for women has developed so much that helps women keep being delicate, feminine and modern, that’s why I love this style sooo much. I hope it will be helpful and you will enjoy the outfits.

Don’t feel shy to tell me your opinion….Enjoy!

Until next time XoXo.


Modern fashion for hijabis- Inspirational photos


Hey girls,

Nowadays we have so many ways to look modest and fashionable in the same time.Today I wanna show you some inspirational photos to give you some ideas how to mix and match in order to look gorgeous.

Enjoy and tell me your opinion about them.


New bridal hijab styles 2012!


    As the new year is approaching trends also change, so I thought it would be nice to share with you the latest trends when we talk about Muslim brides. I chose only the pictures with the styles that I absolutely love and wouldn’t hesitate to wear, because this year is all about accessorizing and being glamorous.

    Hope you like it girls!

Dare to be a red hijabi


Red highlights the sensitivities of the observer. Therefore, it is a very strong color that can quickly capture the attention. So it is recommended that people who choose to wear this color clothing to be master himself and not too shy. Also, red is the color of passion, but it should not be used in excess.

This color symbolizes heat, fire, passion, enthusiasm and aggression and has the effect of stimulating people to make decisions quickly and increasing hope. It should also be noted that objects which contain red in their design are immediately noticed so they are often used in interior decoration. Red clothes can give the feeling of power, but also the conflict, aggression.

Therefore, dare to have a strong personality and identity, dare to be a red hijabi!

Jilbab fashion


Because recently my husband and I were in Jordan, where I could see a great variety of jilbab models and colours I thought it will make a good topic to write about. Before few years when I started covering one could find jilbab only in dark colour or white,grey, cream with very old and ugly models so back than I totally rejected the idea to wear any time soon a jilbab. Fortunately for me and other young women that like to cover and still look nice nowadays there are plenty of models and colours that can fit any woman’s age or requirement.

I think is better to show you some of this models.

Turkish hijab & outfit


   Although there are many ways in which you can cover and still look chic, personally I consider the way Turkish women wear their hijab the most feminine and pretty style. Many women don’t like to wear square hijab and I support them but when we talk about Turkish hijab the situation changes for me. That is because I like the fabric from which they are made and the way it can frame a woman’s face and make her look so feminine and beautiful but modest at the same time.

   Lately fashion has developed so much in Turkey and now Turkish style is unique, easy to wear and recognize. Whether it’s about wearing jilbab with long skirt or with western clothes the accent is always on the hijab.

   Hijab and outfits

   Tutorial 1

   Tutorial 2

    Tutorial 3