The days were counting down waiting that specific moment. The Gynecologist warned me that ” Without entering with your wife to the delivery room,  there is No delivery, No baby. You choose!” I was telling myself: ” What the heck! Are you kidding me?!” Then I found out she was so serious, so I started investigating and gathering all the necessary and unnecessary data about this weird thing – for men only – called delivery.

On that day at hospital, I was equipped with everything you can not imagine. When the labor started, I was sitting with my wife in her room trying to uselessly calm her down. It was Monday in the morning, the pain – and of course screaming and cursing me – started to increase. Eventually, We entered to the labor room and by noon we were sitting all the three of us – Mommy, Daddy and the little baby – together for the first time!

To be honest, it was unforgettable experience and full of sentiments, I even couldn’t stop myself from shedding tears just by looking at that small angel. And now, after five weeks, I finally found some time to express my feelings by concluding in two words; Thanks God!


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  1. You have indeed been blessed with a beautiful family! God bless all of you in the days to come, and may He give you strength, because you need it with a baby in the house! 🙂

    • Thank you so much. Yes indeed! We need this strength. We are looking forward to congratulating you for the same soon :D. May God bless you all and Bubu is waiting to come in Romania sooooooooon!

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