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Extravagant hijab


Hey girls,

Just the other day I was looking on the net for the newest trends for hijabis and I found these extravagant outfits …and the hijabs are lovely designed and very inovating…..My favourites are the first 2 hijabs…

Enjoy the pictures!



Al Ain Paradise


           In continuation of our discovering journey to UAE’s sightseeing and attractions, the other day we decided to go in a trip about 130 km from Dubai to relax a bit. As a location, this time we chose  Al Ain… , to be more specific, Al Ain Paradise. After almost 2 hours of going in circles and asking for directions how to get there we finally found it. Even before entering, we were amazed by its attractive beauty… . It really looked like a corner from heaven.

All those nice smelling and beautifully arranged flowers and their so many different patterns were stunning and left us with a forever lasting feeling of relaxation and great joy.

Al Ain Paradise at a glimpse:

– it received the Guinness World Record Certificate for displaying  2,968 floral arrangements, compose from approximately 10 million flowers;

– it is located in Zakhir district;

– Friday is only for family, entry is free and timing is from 9 am to 9 pm;

– probably it is the most important attraction in Al Ain, getting almost 1000 visitors daily.

And the most beautiful sky at sunset I’ve ever seen up to now…even better than the one in Abu Dhabi.



The days were counting down waiting that specific moment. The Gynecologist warned me that ” Without entering with your wife to the delivery room,  there is No delivery, No baby. You choose!” I was telling myself: ” What the heck! Are you kidding me?!” Then I found out she was so serious, so I started investigating and gathering all the necessary and unnecessary data about this weird thing – for men only – called delivery.

On that day at hospital, I was equipped with everything you can not imagine. When the labor started, I was sitting with my wife in her room trying to uselessly calm her down. It was Monday in the morning, the pain – and of course screaming and cursing me – started to increase. Eventually, We entered to the labor room and by noon we were sitting all the three of us – Mommy, Daddy and the little baby – together for the first time!

To be honest, it was unforgettable experience and full of sentiments, I even couldn’t stop myself from shedding tears just by looking at that small angel. And now, after five weeks, I finally found some time to express my feelings by concluding in two words; Thanks God!