Goodbye 2011….Welcome 2012!



  Another year has passed so fast as a blink of an eye, taking with it events that marked our lives in one way or another, either good or bad it’s all just memories from now on. This past year was one of trial and changes, but as everything is left behind now we can just hope for a new year that will be better from any point of view. Many plans, a huge wish list is already made for 2012 but above all one wish is more strong than any other one: health for everyone .

    Don’t you think time goes by so fast that you can’t even realize when another year is gone?! Everything is so strange,  like in a dream it seems like yesterday was last New Year’s Eve and now 12 months later we are preparing again to count backwards the moments till a new chapter of life starts.

     My husband and I, wish you all a Happy New Year, that will be full of health, happiness, good experiences, changes and many accomplishments, but no matter what shall happen don’t ever forget….. EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON!

     Goodbye old 2011……Welcome new 2012!

     Happy New Year!


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