New bridal hijab styles 2012!


    As the new year is approaching trends also change, so I thought it would be nice to share with you the latest trends when we talk about Muslim brides. I chose only the pictures with the styles that I absolutely love and wouldn’t hesitate to wear, because this year is all about accessorizing and being glamorous.

    Hope you like it girls!


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  1. Asalam aleikom and sorry for replying so late to you.I couldn’t recommend any particular hijab store for that model or any other from the post but if you live in a Muslim country it can be easier to find in special hijab or bridal stores…..but if you don’t find anything to like or suite your style you can buy material and accessories and go to a tailor and you will have your personalized bridal hijab and for arranging it you can go either to a “hijab salon”, either ask a friend,relative or do it yourself if you have the patience.I hope my answer helped you and sorry for not being able to give you an exact store where to find it.Take care maa salama.

  2. Wa aleikom asalam sister.Unfortunately I do not have an online store yet but as I suggested the other sister if you live in an Arab or Muslim country it will be easier to find a similar one in hijab or bridal stores especially if you are from Egypt or Turkey.The other solution is to make it at a tailor and arrange it at a “hijab salon” or with the help of some friend /relative at home.Sorry i can’t help you more and inshAllah you will have a happy life with your husband.Maa salama

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