My baby’s shower party!



I don’t even know how to start this post, but I guess that I should by saying a huge “THANK YOU” for all my friends, that are as happy and anxious as we are to see our little baby : BUBU– until now…yes yes we know we should decide for a name soon coz there is so little time left but….my husband and I and all the “team” (to be read all our friends, family etc) can’t agree on one name.

Anyway Bubu‘s aunties and uncles planned in a very big secret his first party ever…..the baby’s shower party….For me it was a huge surprise ….guys you always succeed in surprising me, but your time will come sooner or later :))….and very emotional moment…oh yeah! I started crying. All my close friends were there and worked in organising the event along of course with my mom that kept the secret with the “price of her life”.REBECCA was the one responsible in “kidnapping” me and driving me safely to the party…..coz she made me cover my eyes so that I won’t have any clue until I get there. Unfortunately for all Bubu‘s aunties and his first admirers, little Bubu slept and didn’t kick until I reached home to sleep….huge dissapointment for the girls.

Everything was so sweet organised with handmade decorations made by my friends, they wrote messages on little clothes, even the oranges were perfectly shaped (thanks ROX) …..  a little BUBU doll was waiting on the chair for his mommy to practice changing diapers :)). DAN and ADE were responsible for making me cry with the sweetest baby song ever – “Hush little baby“. Mommy and little Bubu received also presents to remember forever this unique moment. Unfortunately aunty OLY couldn’t come, but uncle TAVI came along with her message for her favorite  Bubu.

In the end we finished with drinking “Robby Bubble“- champagne for kids-, breaking a huge “piñata” made by them also and eating candies and lollipops. To resume everything in some words it was such a great surprise for me, another moment that I will surely remember through the years and tell Bubu about it.

 Huge THANK YOU to all of you guys : REBECCA, ROX, DAN, ADE, ELENA, ANDREI, TAVI, OLY, AMINE, CRISTI, MADALINA, USTA, ROXANEL, DIANA, DANA……your time will come one day.



       Special thanks to cute aunty OLY – pisi honey- and uncle TAVI with his coded game language.

Negrutza ….DAN‘s old cat…so many memories together now Bubu will know it also.


Mommy’s and Bubu‘s gifts

The piñata full with candies……still in one piece.


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