Bridal hijab


     Because I wanted to continue my previous post about Muslim bridal dresses , I thought that it will be nice to show you also some great style in which you can wrap your hijab in your special day. From what I know there are special salons in some countries that are specialized in styling bridal hijab, but if you are not in a country or city where you can find these places there are other options available , either you buy one that is already styled, either you do it yourself if you are skilled in making amazing hijab styles or ask for one of your friend to help you.

    The most beautiful bridal hijabs I’ve seen until now were made by Egyptians, since the girls there seem to choose more and more to wear hijab in the most special day of their life. I will show you some of the styles that I liked the most and hopefully you will too.

   Would you choose to wear hijab in your wedding day?


I chose this model for my wedding hijab and I did it by myself at home.

Hopefully it was useful and you enjoyed this post and the pics!     


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