Dreams vs hopes


Nowadays, you barely hear the word “dreams” outside the scope of dreaming while sleeping, people started giving up this word since it is not included in their dictionaries anymore. Well, I have been told that reality is totally different from our “rosy dreams”, and I believe so, however, there are still dreams which can be turned into reality – provided that you work hard for them -.

Few days ago, during a break at work, two colleagues of mine were chit-chatting about their general goals in life, mentioning the fact that we were all expatriates and away from our home countries – even though we still prefer not to go back there -, and amongst the things which we talked about were the two terms “hopes” and “dreams”. I laughed a lot that day since we all agreed on the difference between both of those words; dreams and hopes, it was sad to reach the conclusion that when you hope you can get – at least – something sooner or later, while when you dream you will die without getting any thing at all. Actually, what I used to know in the very close past was the opposite; that people, who used to dislike changes and preferred stability, continued living their fake life because their hopes were feeding their existence – living on hope -, while those, who believed in changes and there was more than one way to do something, broke the seal and lit the road for the their followers – fulfilling their dreams.

In conclusion, each one of us has a different approach to find the keys to his locked doors. Between dreams and hopes people spend nights and days looking for better life. So I hope that I will keep dreaming until my dreams come true :).


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