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Bridal hijab


     Because I wanted to continue my previous post about Muslim bridal dresses , I thought that it will be nice to show you also some great style in which you can wrap your hijab in your special day. From what I know there are special salons in some countries that are specialized in styling bridal hijab, but if you are not in a country or city where you can find these places there are other options available , either you buy one that is already styled, either you do it yourself if you are skilled in making amazing hijab styles or ask for one of your friend to help you.

    The most beautiful bridal hijabs I’ve seen until now were made by Egyptians, since the girls there seem to choose more and more to wear hijab in the most special day of their life. I will show you some of the styles that I liked the most and hopefully you will too.

   Would you choose to wear hijab in your wedding day?


I chose this model for my wedding hijab and I did it by myself at home.

Hopefully it was useful and you enjoyed this post and the pics!     


Not in your wedding!



    In every woman’s soul is a little girl, which dreams herself wearing her white bride dress next to her chosen one. Everything must be flawless; the place, the decorations, music, food and drinks,the cake and of course the bride and the groom themselves. But what happens when the happy couple starts becoming too agitated, too proud of themselves or too emotional. Oh! well than their perfect wedding might become their worst nightmare.

   Unfortunately, lately I see or hear from friends about these huge mistakes that the groom and the bride commit in their wedding day and transform it from a wedding about which everyone will have nice memories into one which will be widely criticized.

  Everything starts before the big event and because everyone seems happy for you let them help with the preparations. It will be fun and way more easy that to do it all by yourself, but don’t release your anger and stress on the ones that are doing their best to help you, that if you still want them in your wedding of course. Choose everything as you wish to be but listen to the advice of others also …you won’t lose anything after all. Don’t leave any detail to be solved in the last-minute, instead take a break few days before the wedding and relax with your friends or family. One night before the big event try to sleep at least 8 hours so that your mind, face and body will be relaxed and shinning.

  You’ve prepared everything and the moment has come now it is your great day when your dreams will come true, lives will change forever and two persons will become as one. But still be careful at some aspects as for example talking, greeting, thanking all of your guests, don’t forget that they are making you an honor by participating at this unique event in your life and they should be treated with respect and attention.

  Then neither the bride nor the groom should run like crazy for anything pending or any misunderstanding occurred, just ask someone who you trust to supervise and handle everything. After all you are a prince and a princess for one day and royalties aren’t under no circumstance graceless and tact. Enjoy your wedding and make your guests enjoy it too since you are just once bride and groom for the first time and hopefully the only time.

 With all these being said I wish all of you that are not yet married  and read this post to have your dream wedding and a happy life next to your chosen one.

Dreams vs hopes


Nowadays, you barely hear the word “dreams” outside the scope of dreaming while sleeping, people started giving up this word since it is not included in their dictionaries anymore. Well, I have been told that reality is totally different from our “rosy dreams”, and I believe so, however, there are still dreams which can be turned into reality – provided that you work hard for them -.

Few days ago, during a break at work, two colleagues of mine were chit-chatting about their general goals in life, mentioning the fact that we were all expatriates and away from our home countries – even though we still prefer not to go back there -, and amongst the things which we talked about were the two terms “hopes” and “dreams”. I laughed a lot that day since we all agreed on the difference between both of those words; dreams and hopes, it was sad to reach the conclusion that when you hope you can get – at least – something sooner or later, while when you dream you will die without getting any thing at all. Actually, what I used to know in the very close past was the opposite; that people, who used to dislike changes and preferred stability, continued living their fake life because their hopes were feeding their existence – living on hope -, while those, who believed in changes and there was more than one way to do something, broke the seal and lit the road for the their followers – fulfilling their dreams.

In conclusion, each one of us has a different approach to find the keys to his locked doors. Between dreams and hopes people spend nights and days looking for better life. So I hope that I will keep dreaming until my dreams come true :).