Your favorite place to think!


Our favorite list includes many things; movies, meals, restaurants, perfumes, dresses, cars, make-ups, songs, books, quotes, web sites, etc …. Whenever you want to celebrate an event you immediately think about your favorite way to do it. When having a special occasion you choose the best clothes to dress. When you have an idea you pick the most convenient words to shape it. There is no doubt that everyone has his own style and way of expressing himself. It is all about you and your taste – no matter how strange it might be :), at the end of the day you do what you like and leave what you don’t.

Each one of us has his own life and so the events related to it, we try to enjoy living at the maximum. On daily basis, we face different moments of joy or sorrow; optimism or pessimism; success or fail. We also have our moments to deal with some difficulties from time to time, where we sit with ourselves – isolated – to start our creative job; that is thinking :). So you go there to that favorite place to try finding out some “extraordinary” solutions or thoughts for something, and you know that you can’t success anywhere but in that place. It might be in your room, in the kitchen, under the shower, inside the car, on the roof, in the street, inside the toilet – yeah, why not! :D, anywhere, it doesn’t really matter as long as you come out after you finish your secret ritual with a wide smile on your face shouting “eureka!”.


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