Muslim bridal dresses


         Every woman dreams since she is a little girl about her wedding day when she will become a princess in her perfect bride dress and for one day she will feel that all the Universe is hers. Everything must be perfect for her since she will be the central point of attention for one day. Her happiness, shining face and great smile should be completed with a great make-up, 2 pair of shoes – one with high heals and the other very comfortable-, nice jewelry, spectacular bouquet and of course the dress of her dreams. But when you are a Muslim you will need one more thing for the party; which is the perfect Hijab that will match your dress, of course wrapped in a very special and unique style – simple or with accessories.

      Personally I think that the brides who choose to cover more than usual brides in their special day will become not only princesses, but they will be real queens in the most important day of their life (look at true royalty weddings where brides wear decent and great wedding dresses) and everyone will remember them and their wedding because they chose to be different from the others. Nowadays the industry of fashion for Muslim has evolved impressively and offers women who want to be special brides many models to choose from. I suggest to watch together this video.


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