Why is it hard to say “I don’t know” ?


I was watching a video a while ago, it was a sort of prank with a famous journalist. He was asked  two simple questions about his country’s flag; what are the colors and what do they resemble? Then a huge mess came out from his mouth :). He did not just stop saying nonsense, on the contrary, he was justifying his stupidity. At the end of the prank, he was asked: “Why did you not simply say that you did not know?” Of course there was no answer :).

I have really noticed something – and it is merely my personal notice 😀 -. Whenever I ask someone  – here I am talking about men; known and unknown – about anything, whether at work; in the street; or in the market, they always have an answer! I barely know cases when someone answered me “I don’t know”. What’s your problem? 🙂 Why is it so hard to say it? Or what is it really about? Can anyone answer me please? Now on the other side, for women – again known and unknown – it is completely the opposite. It seems – in general – it is very easy for women to say ” I don’t know ” rather than give incorrect, misleading or whatever answers.

Someone will ask ” But how did you know that men answered you wrongly, while women didn’t? ” Well, because I find out the right answer immediately after that! I just tried this thing – many times not only once, when heading to a very known place for example, and I already knew where the location was, there – on my way – I started “testing my theory” and stopped some persons – men and women – and I was surprised from their answers. So I decided this, whenever I am lost – which happens a lot to me – if I don’t find any women to ask, then I take the opposite answer from men :).

P.S: Oh men, please don’t take it personally, this is only my notice about us.


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