What is your common used word?


For some people, their tongues are the second moving – and exhausted – part after their hearts – that’s true when they are awake; talking, and for some even while they’re sleeping 🙂. OK, maybe I am exaggerating a little bit here but it does not negate the fact that there are a few blabbers here and there – I hope not to be one of them :D.

Language – sign, body or even spoken – is the mean for us to communicate and express our feelings and wishes – nothing new added :D. Let’s focus a little bit on the spoken one especially words, I once had a question; have you really ever paid attention to the common used word or expression that comes out of your mouth? Think about it for a while, it is sort of challenging. It might be funny or annoying; loving or hating; happy or sad; good or bad; hot or cold; simple or hard, or any kind of word. Generally speaking, the way you say the word – and so the effect – can make a difference more than the meaning of the word itself, i.e. a word can leave a trace or a mark more than a bullet can do.

It is funny that when I hear certain words I immediately combine them to some people I know, and thus my face reacts towards this, smiling or bitter or any other reaction. Suddenly, many inquiries have jumped into my head; what is my common used word that – when heard – people will combine it to me? Have I really been leaving a positive or negative effect when I talk?  Have I lost or gained people by such word(s)? Have I killed someone’s dream – which it might have been the last thing for him – or raised his hopes up to the sky? Have I made someone’s day or just screwed it up?

From now on, I promise to do my best that the smile will be the only thing left on people’s faces when “my common used word” comes to their ears.


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