10 Things I Wanna Do


Whenever I remember these “10 things” I really feel somehow nostalgic. I carry a small yellow note paper in my wallet, each time I need to smile, laugh, raise my hopes, regain my trust, refresh my mind, or simply feel alive and good, I take a look at this small piece of paper. So what is so special in it and what is the secret behind its contents?

The secret is neither hidden into the paper itself nor in the “10 things I wanna do” written down there. It is about the moment I decided to write down the first 10 things which came into my mind and I wish to do or have them into my life, either they were “short-range” or “long-range” wishes, it really does not matter. In retrospect, most of the times in which I needed to revise my plans or evaluate my progress – self feedback, I remember something about this paper and the emotions related to it and the achievements gained so far. 

You might call it silly or naive, it really does not matter, but what if – after a while – some morning I wake up and try to remember my “childhood dream” and I fail to because I just “forgot”? You can write down one, two, ten or even 100 things you wish to do, and put this piece of paper in your pocket and do not lose it. You might open it daily, once a year, once each 5, 10, or 15 years or even once in a lifetime, you might not open it at all, however, it won’t take you more than few seconds to remind yourself of what person you wanted to be someday, it will take only a glance!


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