The nothing Box!


There is no doubt that women and men are alike in many things – let’s talk this time about similarities not differences as a change . They are both human beings, they love, hate, like, dislike, think, walk, talk, etc … and their bodies contain almost similar vital organs that efficiently do their functions. However, as the ever-lasting “woman-man” confront continues in every scope of life, it still include undiscovered parts and faces. Let’s take a look at their brains for instance.

Quoting “Tale of Two Brains by Mark Gungor”: “Men’s brains are made of little boxes and we have a box for everything… Women’s brains are made of a big ball of wires and everything is connected to everything”. What really drew my attention was the fact of “The Nothing Box” which somehow explained – I hope – one of the most important things to women; that is the word “Nothing” and the related status to it. I have an example, when I watch TV I reach to a stage when I continuously start changing the channels without stopping. In fact, at that moment I don’t search a channel, I am simply “doing nothing” in my “Nothing Box”.

However, I still believe that women have that sort of “The nothing box” in their brains – this is only my own belief :D, and if the description would help me I call it “The Black Hole – a kind of star in the Universe”! May be it is different in the name or the shape, but it definitely does the same work and it must be found “somewhere” there in their brains.

P.S: For those women who have not discovered their “Nothing Box” yet, start searching for it. Once you find it, enjoy relaxation there for a while.


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  1. Oh, make no mistake, women have a “Nothing” Box. 😀
    It’s a little box where they keep all these variations of the word “nothing”.
    For instance:
    “Why are you upset, honey?”
    “It’s NOTHING” (in fact, it’s something like “Oh, you will pay for that one time you forgot the toilet seat up. Oh you shall so pay!”

    • Then I will really make sure not to make a mistake. Frankly, now I understand what does it mean when I hear the word “Nothing” coming out from a woman. Do you think I shall pay so much??? 🙂

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