My obsession for rings



                It’s already known that every woman develops an obsession for some items even if it is for clothes,make-up,bags,shoes or jewelry.It’s all about feeling good when she looks in the mirror.And just like every woman I couldn’t be the exception.During the years I developed several obsessions for different items such as make-up products,scarves,earrings but after a while I got just enough of them and stopped buying.Even so there is one that followed me through the years: my rings obsession.I have it since ever it doesn’t matter if the rings are made from precious metals as gold or silver,or just simple rings made from whatever metal. All that matters is to have a nice model that makes me fell in love of it from the first look.So like this I ended up having an entire collection of rings and yet can’t stop buying new ones.

             I am just like a kid that wishes for a new toy even if he has a bunch of them at home. Whenever I feel bored or depressed I find my way out to relax, hitting my favourites accessory stores in a search for new  “treasures” and this is some sort of therapy for me.

            In the past my greatest problem was to find rings in small sizes that could fit my amazingly small fingers but lately it seems that I can find perfect rings without searching too much. 

          Perhaps one day I will get bored of this obsession of mine but until then my collection will keep getting bigger and bigger 😀 .


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