Lost in the desert !


“O.o am I lost again? Was this street here before?” Well, those are few of my common expressions and questions when I am driving 🙂 .

Whenever we wanna go out to any place – either inside or outside Dubai, my wife immediately tells me ” Aha, it is time to get lost!” Actually, most of the times we end up in a totally different place leading us to discover new routs and places – even sightseeing :). So as a precaution, I always make sure to have a full-fuel tank whenever I intend to leave out and carry a map with me.

Examples of getting lost:

– Once we were going to “Alfujeira” – a city located almost 200 km away from Dubai – but we ended up at 30 km away from another city “Ras Alkhaima” .

– Another time I kept searching almost one week for the exit towards an area called “International city” and finally when I got there I found out – by mistake – it was only 2 km away from me!!! (like doh!)

– I remember this incident very well, after I finished a visit to a friend in the capital “Abu Dhabi” – almost 200 km away from Dubai – I ended up “really” lost in the desert area around 12:00 A.M in the middle of the night alone in a foggy weather and a mobile run out of charging. That night I was really scared!

Nowadays, even though I still get lost – but not as before I think 🙂 –  I find my way easily since the human GPS is sitting next to me – my wife 😀 – and after that I say: ” Hmm, I think I know this area …. but where from …..? ” I bet you all know the answer now. Exactly, ” I must have been lost here before!”


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  1. I suggest you leave the car aside and buy a camel. Then, even if you get lost, you can ride for days and the desert is not a problem anymore. 😀
    Plus, you can always tickle it and hear it go “brruuuh-weeee” 😀

  2. hehehe!
    It seems like you’re having fun every time when you take your car and drive :D. You may send my greetings to your smart “GPS” and you will be pleased to discover exciting new locations every time.
    Enjoy your live and have fun ^^ .

    • Well, I really enjoy getting lost since I drive along with my wife “the great GPS”. To be frank, I sometimes intend to lose my way to check whether my GPS is “up-to-date” or not. Finally, if you don’t succeed to find your location, take it easy and get lost anywhere but make sure to have a smart GPS with you to know how to find your way back :D. Greetings.

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