Types of veils for muslims


         Although I know this subject is controversial nowadays I will take my chance and write about it. I won’t start talking about Islamic point of view, people’s opinion or how the society treats a veiled women since there are already so many that do it, instead I will try to let you understand the difference between types of Muslim veils.So let’s get started!

           There are 7  types of muslim veil that a woman can wear and even if  many refer to them with the general arabic term “hijab”  between some of them there are big differences.

 1.Al Amira Hijab – is composed from 2 pieces of material in the shape of a tube and it doesn’t need to be wrapped .

 2.Khimar – has one long piece of material that can cover the head,neck and chest area.

 3.Chador -long veil that covers all the body leaving just the face and hands on view.It is usually used by Iranian women.

 4.Hijab or Shayla – this is the most often type of veil use it’s normally a scarf that can be wrapped in many styles or let looser.

 5.Niqab – is the veil that covers also the face of  a woman.

 6.Burqa – it has the same purpose as Niqab, the only difference is that Burqa means covering also the eyes of the wearer.It can be in two forms: with some small gaps in the eyes area- like women in Afghanistan wear it- or as a simple black transparent veil.

            Here is a photo to let you understand better what are the differences.


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