Rules for non-muslims visiting a muslim country


           Everyone knows that the Muslim world is very different from the western one, regarding traditions,celebrations,customs,way of behaving  and much more.Because lately I have heard so many people saying  they would like to visit an Arab or another Muslim country but they are afraid since they don’t know what rules they will have to respect there, I have decided to write some of the basic rules for any muslim country. 

  1. Be sure that you are wearing decent clothes.This rule doesn’t refer only to women but also men, is not necessary to cover as a Muslim does but at least  try to avoid  very short skirts/pants and cover your chest .Men should also avoid short pants and cover their area from waist to knees.

  2.Gestures of love and affection in public should be limited. That means you can hold your partner’s hand but kissing in public is considered offending and depending on the country you visit you can have troubles with the police.

  3.Try to avoid consuming alcoholic drinks in public. Although in some countries you can find alcohol I advice you not to consume it outside your hotel.

  4.Respect local people especially women. You shouldn’t  stare at women on the street because you might find yourself being questioned by one of her relatives or even the police – if they are called –  for your reasons of staring.

  5.Don’t take pics of other people without their consent. The reasons of this rule are the same as the ones above.

  6.If you are a male and want to shake hands with a muslim woman ask her before doing it. Some women prefer not to shake hands with unrelated men

  7.Respect Ramadan month and other religious occasions. If you decide to visit a Muslim country during the month of Ramadan(annual fasting month for Muslims) be sure  you know that before dawn (Fajr) until sunset muslims won’t eat,drink or smoke, so respect them and if you choose to do any of these outside don’t be ostentatious.Also be aware of the fact that during this month your clothes have to be really decent.

  8.Have a proper behavior in public. Try not to be too noisy when you talk and laugh,when you go out sit at the table as you should not as if you are in a bar and have a proper vocabulary since there might be someone next to you that can understand your language.

              Beware that these are general rules for Muslim countries but in some as Saudi Arabia or Iran they might be more restricted or other rules can be added  so  be sure you know them before leaving.


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