I’m the worst student at arabic language!


As one of my teachers once said: “You can know all the languages in the world, but if you don’t know a hard language with a different alphabet then you know nothing”.  So with this idea in my head and in order to be able to understand other people to communicate with each others, I started learning Arabic Language. At home, private classes – beginners level, on the street and wherever I could practice and learn new words and phrases. Everything has been great so far but here are 2 problems that came out:

– Is there a real need for every country, area to have a different accent? This is my worst nightmare ever.

– How to pronounce some consonants that we, non-Arabic speakers, don’t have in our alphabet?

Oh well, if I am writing all of this down it is because I want to share with you some of my embarrassing moments. When I was taking Arabic classes -immediately after I arrived in UAE- well I was learning mixed standard with Sudanese accent, so what came out was a total disaster. During one class, when we came to the colors chapter with their forms for each gender, in Arabic, red (m) is “AHMAR”, while red (f) is “HAMRA”. So instead of saying “HAMRA”, I- accidentally – said” HMARA” which means “Donkey”. I immediately realized my mistake from the teacher’s facial expressions and who barely caught himself from hysterically laughing on what I said, and I started laughing along with some colleagues and the teacher. Don’t worry! If you consider this shameful, then I got worse than this. It happened once that I tried to order fatayer “pastry”, but instead of saying” I want spicy cheese pastry”, I said” I want s**tty cheese pastry”, that is changing the sound from “HA” to “KHA”.

Do you think I stopped there? Well no, I have more! Yesterday as usual I changed the pronunciation of a word again, so instead of saying” tribes’ center” I ended up making it “stupid people center”.

I wonder how long it will take until I stop giving people reasons to laugh on my weird expressions,’ coz it has been almost 1 year so far and my Arabic is still a complete disaster –but I am improving :D. I hope one day I will be able to at least talk in this amazing language. Wish me luck!


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