N-Toll! Do you know what does it mean?!

N-Toll! Do you know what does it mean?!

While searching for a car to buy during the last couple of days, some interesting incident just took a place, and so the story goes on like this. After getting the contact number and location of the car’s owner in one of Dubai’s areas – which is known as “International City”, both my wife and me headed to the desired address. Reaching there around Al-maghreb prayer time-sunset time, and since this International City is divided into clusters (China, Persia, Morocco, Spain, England, etc …), we entered the Persian cluster and started looking for the building number we were provided with. After walking around the “targeted building” for more than 20 minutes, making more than 10 phone calls with the owner and checking almost all the buildings in the cluster (more than 20!), the building was not there at all since we were searching for a non-existing building from the beginning! Actually, we have been fooled, but how? We were looking for N-Toll while the original name was N-Twelve. Yeah! believe it or not, in fact it was a misunderstanding since we did not pay attention to the other pronunciation of the word “Twelve”, or to the Indian-English accent! so that the word has been changed into Toll instead of Twelve.


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