About Romanian people


If we refer to Romanians many will be surprised to notice that they are a mix between very contradictory elements.Romanians have a great  part of their genetic material borrowed from Turkish people.Some reserchers even say that they are a nation born in social movements and ethnic crossroads of the world.From the mixture of several civilizations , Romanians became a western breed with oriental habits.

As the oriental and latin people , Romanians like to be warm and hospitable with others as much as they like to celebrate with every occasion they have.Their customs depend from the area they come from and that is why you would never get bored if you get to visit Romania.

For example  traditional dances from the North area are totally different from the ones that originate in the South. Also customs regarding weddings, religious celebrations and death rituals are different from area to area.

The only problem with Romanians nowadays is that they don’t do anything for their future as a nation just stay and talk about what is wrong .

Traditional dance from South area

Traditional dance from North area

Traditional dance from West area


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