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Traficul rutier din Emirate



  Din toate timpurile oamenii au prezentat fobii pentru anumite lucruri, fie ca este vorba de temerile clasice precum claustrofobia (frica de spatii inchise), arahnofobia ( teama de paianjeni) sau de frici bizare care pot consuma toata energia umana, ducand individul in pragul disperarii precum neofobia (frica de noutate).

   Si cum din nou nu puteam fi eu cea care face exceptie de la regula generala, in ultimul an am dezvoltat o fobie cat se poate de ciudata si care ma tine cu sufletul la gura de cate ori ies din casa….si anume frica de traficul rutier. Avand in vedere ca in ultimele luni ale anului trecut am avut parte de  3 accidente rutiere, primele din toata viata mea si sper ca si ultimele am inceput sa dardai numai la ideea ca trebuie sa iesim cu masina din parcare.

  Din pacate pentru mine cum deplasarea fara masina in Dubai imi este aproape imposibila  si sunt absolut dependenta de sot sau de taxi, inainte sa ies pe usa casei incep sa-mi spun rugaciunile in speranta ca nu voi avea parte de vreun incident neplacut. Regulile de circulatie fiind aproape inexistente si circulandu-se la fel ca pe o strada din India sau Egipt este o adevarata aventura sa fii sofer in Emirate. Indienii in general sunt cei care fac traficul insuportabil, oamenii astia n-au auzit si ei de semnalizare cand depasesc, de viteza minima/maxima,nu tu reguli, nu tu atentie sau respect in trafic conduc masinile precum conduc elefantii. Dar cosmarul meu cel mai mare il reprezinta soferii de taxi, care exact sunt in majoritate tot indieni si pe care ii doare practic la palarie ca ar putea provoca vreun accident sau ca incurca teribil circulatia, uneori provocand adevarte ambuteiaje pentru ca raman sa se holbeze la vreun amic de aceasi etnie care a avut si cea mai mica defectiune a masinii.

  Ma dispera numai gandul de circulatie bara la bara sau ca din senin de pe o strada libera ar putea sa iti apara de nicaieri un nebun gonind cu o viteza naucitoare precum si ideea ca vreun maniac decide sa treaca pe banda ta fara a semnaliza in timp ce tu ai cel putin 80 km/h.

  Si eu care ziceam ca traficul din Romania este disperant…ei bine am ajuns sa visez la strazile noastre pline de gropi dar cu muuulte reguli de circulatie.


Muslim bridal dresses


         Every woman dreams since she is a little girl about her wedding day when she will become a princess in her perfect bride dress and for one day she will feel that all the Universe is hers. Everything must be perfect for her since she will be the central point of attention for one day. Her happiness, shining face and great smile should be completed with a great make-up, 2 pair of shoes – one with high heals and the other very comfortable-, nice jewelry, spectacular bouquet and of course the dress of her dreams. But when you are a Muslim you will need one more thing for the party; which is the perfect Hijab that will match your dress, of course wrapped in a very special and unique style – simple or with accessories.

      Personally I think that the brides who choose to cover more than usual brides in their special day will become not only princesses, but they will be real queens in the most important day of their life (look at true royalty weddings where brides wear decent and great wedding dresses) and everyone will remember them and their wedding because they chose to be different from the others. Nowadays the industry of fashion for Muslim has evolved impressively and offers women who want to be special brides many models to choose from. I suggest to watch together this video.

Your favorite place to think!


Our favorite list includes many things; movies, meals, restaurants, perfumes, dresses, cars, make-ups, songs, books, quotes, web sites, etc …. Whenever you want to celebrate an event you immediately think about your favorite way to do it. When having a special occasion you choose the best clothes to dress. When you have an idea you pick the most convenient words to shape it. There is no doubt that everyone has his own style and way of expressing himself. It is all about you and your taste – no matter how strange it might be :), at the end of the day you do what you like and leave what you don’t.

Each one of us has his own life and so the events related to it, we try to enjoy living at the maximum. On daily basis, we face different moments of joy or sorrow; optimism or pessimism; success or fail. We also have our moments to deal with some difficulties from time to time, where we sit with ourselves – isolated – to start our creative job; that is thinking :). So you go there to that favorite place to try finding out some “extraordinary” solutions or thoughts for something, and you know that you can’t success anywhere but in that place. It might be in your room, in the kitchen, under the shower, inside the car, on the roof, in the street, inside the toilet – yeah, why not! :D, anywhere, it doesn’t really matter as long as you come out after you finish your secret ritual with a wide smile on your face shouting “eureka!”.

Egyptian dressing style


     Egyptian fashion for women that cover themselves ( muhajabat) is offering the chance to be covered and yet to be fashionable. Their clothes are full of colors, easy to wear and match with accessories. Hijab for them represents also a very important part of the whole outfit and it must be worn in a style that matches the clothes. Often they use more than one scarf to create a spectacular look of the hijab.

      Let’s  have a look on this style!


Why is it hard to say “I don’t know” ?


I was watching a video a while ago, it was a sort of prank with a famous journalist. He was asked  two simple questions about his country’s flag; what are the colors and what do they resemble? Then a huge mess came out from his mouth :). He did not just stop saying nonsense, on the contrary, he was justifying his stupidity. At the end of the prank, he was asked: “Why did you not simply say that you did not know?” Of course there was no answer :).

I have really noticed something – and it is merely my personal notice 😀 -. Whenever I ask someone  – here I am talking about men; known and unknown – about anything, whether at work; in the street; or in the market, they always have an answer! I barely know cases when someone answered me “I don’t know”. What’s your problem? 🙂 Why is it so hard to say it? Or what is it really about? Can anyone answer me please? Now on the other side, for women – again known and unknown – it is completely the opposite. It seems – in general – it is very easy for women to say ” I don’t know ” rather than give incorrect, misleading or whatever answers.

Someone will ask ” But how did you know that men answered you wrongly, while women didn’t? ” Well, because I find out the right answer immediately after that! I just tried this thing – many times not only once, when heading to a very known place for example, and I already knew where the location was, there – on my way – I started “testing my theory” and stopped some persons – men and women – and I was surprised from their answers. So I decided this, whenever I am lost – which happens a lot to me – if I don’t find any women to ask, then I take the opposite answer from men :).

P.S: Oh men, please don’t take it personally, this is only my notice about us.

Introducere in misterioasa lume araba



        Dintotdeauna oamenii au prezentat un interes deosebit fata de tot ceea ce este invaluit in mister. Fie ca este vorba de traditii, obiceiuri, limba sau cultura in sine lumea araba a reprezentat o sursa de inspiratie pentru maestrii condeielor. Insa totodata oamenilor le este frica de ceea ce nu le este cunoscut, iar de aici pana la ura fata de aceste popoare arabe este doar un pas.

        A fi diferit inseamna ca devii periculos in opinia vesticilor, dar cine defineste normalul si in functie de ce? De lumea in care traieste? Ei bine in acest caz si alte popoare ne pot considera pe noi mandrii vestici diferiti si deci anormali. De fapt problema oamenilor este ca nu vor sa admita ca fiecare are libertatea de a fi altfel. Am fost crescuti intr-o lume in care se incearca de prea multa vreme comasarea popoarelor, traditiilor si identitatii nationale si astfel am ajuns sa fim niste jucarii fara coloana vertebrala. In schimb daca ne uitam la popoarele arabe  acestea sunt mandre de provenienta lor si isi dau tot interesul pentru conservarea traditiilor si culturii.

       Asadar va propun ca in incercarea de a scapa de aceasta frica neintemeiata fata de necunoscut sa facem impreuna o incursiune in aceasta lume, aruncand o privire asupra vastei lor culturi.

       Arabii sunt binecunoscuti pentru generozitatea si ospitalitatea lor mostenite din cele mai vechi timpuri de la beduinii care pregateau adevarate ospaturi in cinstea celor care calcau taramurile lor.De atunci si pana in zilele noastre atunci cand iti este acordata increderea de a intra in casa unor arabi vei simti caldura si bucuria de a te avea ca oaspete.

        Familia este cheia societatii arabe, acestia respectandu-si si acordand o mare importanta acestui aspect.Sunt preferate familiile mari cu multi copii in detrimentul celor cu 1-2 copii. Adeseori poti gasi adevarate clanuri formate de generatii care odata reunite la ocazii speciale incing adevarate petreceri pline de voie buna si amuzament. Deasemenea spiritul umanitar este bine dezvoltat, fie ca este vorba de cineva din familie sau de un cunoscut nu vor ezita sa-l ajute pe cel aflat la nevoie.

        Nuntile sunt un adevarat prilej de bucurie si voie buna, cele traditionale desfasurandu-se timp de 3 zile si avand petreceri separate pentru femei si barbati, totodata reunind familiile mirilor, prietenii, cunoscutii, vecinii si oricine doreste sa participe la fericitul eveniment si sa le ureze celor doi sa aiba parte de tot ce-i mai bun in casnicie.

        Inca din cele mai vechi timpuri arabii au fost cunoscuti pentru calitatile lor de negustori, care s-au pastrat pana azi.De la copilul care stie sa vorbeasca pana la batrani nu exista arab care sa nu cunoasca tainele comertului si mai ales cele ale negocierii si numai un strain caruia ii este rusine sa negocieze va plati atat cat i-a fost cerut initial de negustor.

     In speranta ca v-am deschis apetitul de cunoastere asupra acestei culturi inchei pledoaria mea aici  pentru moment, dar voi reveni cu alte aspecte, traditii si obiceiuri ce s-au pastrat de secole printre arabi.

What is your common used word?


For some people, their tongues are the second moving – and exhausted – part after their hearts – that’s true when they are awake; talking, and for some even while they’re sleeping 🙂. OK, maybe I am exaggerating a little bit here but it does not negate the fact that there are a few blabbers here and there – I hope not to be one of them :D.

Language – sign, body or even spoken – is the mean for us to communicate and express our feelings and wishes – nothing new added :D. Let’s focus a little bit on the spoken one especially words, I once had a question; have you really ever paid attention to the common used word or expression that comes out of your mouth? Think about it for a while, it is sort of challenging. It might be funny or annoying; loving or hating; happy or sad; good or bad; hot or cold; simple or hard, or any kind of word. Generally speaking, the way you say the word – and so the effect – can make a difference more than the meaning of the word itself, i.e. a word can leave a trace or a mark more than a bullet can do.

It is funny that when I hear certain words I immediately combine them to some people I know, and thus my face reacts towards this, smiling or bitter or any other reaction. Suddenly, many inquiries have jumped into my head; what is my common used word that – when heard – people will combine it to me? Have I really been leaving a positive or negative effect when I talk?  Have I lost or gained people by such word(s)? Have I killed someone’s dream – which it might have been the last thing for him – or raised his hopes up to the sky? Have I made someone’s day or just screwed it up?

From now on, I promise to do my best that the smile will be the only thing left on people’s faces when “my common used word” comes to their ears.